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Happy Birthday, Seungho  |  1987.10.16



Remember when….

Never forget

but I’m trying so hard why wont you let me

I want to ask but I'm not sure if you'll answer since you haven't really spoken or posted about it, though looking at your blog the Vitamin has not been removed and I would really like to know how you're feeling about all this to give me more perspective on how to take this because I'm a little disappointed not at the marriage but the rest..


My own feelings aren’t of disappointment toward Sungmin, but toward fans. 

I’m disappointed in ELF.

I believe Sungmin did think of fans.. He’s being blamed for not saying anything sooner, not waiting till later and not apologizing for not saying it sooner by people who already knew. Meanwhile people who had no idea are congratulating him.

I believe Sungmin’s concern was World fans who did not necessarily know about his relationship or plans of marriage. He thought of how to reveal this to an entire fandom but no matter what, the timing couldn’t have possibly felt right and there was bound to be backlash regardless of how he handled the situation.

Had he done it prior to Leeteuk’s comeback and 7jib, people would have most likely said “You’re ruining Leeteuk’s Comeback. You’re ruining 7jib.”

His fans, the members, his family, SM told him to delay it but how long was he expected to delay it?

Every time there will be another comeback, another concert, another event that he and other members must delay their personal lives for. Is it so horrible for him to want her to be his? For him to tell other guys to back off because she’s his precious someone?

Apparently everyone agrees that it’s not about the marriage but all of the things he’s being accused of have been done before by another member and no one seems to recall that…

In 2010, Shindong proposed during Bonamana promotions. Fans didn’t complain, a greater majority thought it was romantic, but wasn’t this during a crucial first comeback after Han Geng’s departure. Shindong was never ostracize for mixing his personal with idol life, so why is this being done to Sungmin?

Sungmin can’t allegedly include her name in his signature when Shindong included his coded proposal message in his Bonamana “Thanks to”? Every fan bought the album with that message. Isn’t it mixing both personal and idol life as well? 

Shindong wore an engagement ring too during Hero album


in SJ Lotte Duty Free promotional ads as well as others


but Sungmin absolutely cannot? Why?

Even if he hadn’t publicly announced it at that time, Sungmin was still engaged with no reason to assume it’d be wrong to wear his couple ring when fans who knew were supposed to have been accepting of his relationship and had in the past been accepting of another member wearing a personal ring for promotional pictures.

Their personal life is a part of them so of course it would eventually mix with their idol life.

Honestly you can sit here and say he should have treated fans better, but the fans treating him like scum right now don’t really seem to deserve it in my opinion.

How do I really know how those fans, who are doing this to him, treated him all this time? How did they really talk and act around him? Even if I talked to them, it wouldn’t mean I really know what they’re like to other fans or to Sungmin. Maybe he didn’t confide in certain people because they hadn’t given him proper reason to do so. Ever consider that like those fans have known him for 9 years, he too has known them for many years.. 

The doubts you have, should they all be on Sungmin? 

Instead of just putting a whole weight of blame on him, consider how quickly it took for “proof” to be collected and posted with all those things accusing him.. How quickly so many people in this fandom read those things and lashed out at him without justifiable evidence to warrant an exile from the group.. It didn’t take very long for people to be disappointed in him and his actions.. not long at all..

I can’t fathom how it has been so easy for people to give up on him after so many years of love.. so I won’t try to because I realized that will never understand it. 

I love Sungmin, I will always love Sungmin. I will always love Super Junior.

Sungmin and Super Junior need ELF who continue to love and believe. They need us to be happy and to be here for them. To look forward and move on from this because there are more memories to make together. They need us protect them, even if it means protecting them from ourselves. They need our smiles and cheers even if we are far away. They need to know that we’ll always here for them.

you know that kid at the party who’s more excited than the kid whose birthday it is…?

Happy EunHae Day.


make it rain, babe~~~ (¬‿¬)


101687 ♥ happy birthday to MBLAQ’s versatile and multi-talented leader seungho!

Tao pinches the Xiu!nipple and really loves it!

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